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Tax and accounting management of holding companies - Scacchi & Associés France (Statutory audit, accounting firm)

Why call on Scacchi & Associés?
Whether your Holding Company’s object is only to receive dividends, or is to take over a company, or to structure, organize and manage your Group according to the hierarchical system, you need the skills of experts to deal with the specific technical nature of financial engineering transactions and tax matters (VAT, tax on wages, tax consolidation…).
What Scacchi & Associés can do for you
Accounting assistance – Book-keeping and payroll processing, preparation of social and tax declarations, preparation of payments and reporting statements, budgetary control, preparation of the consolidated corporate income tax returns, drawing up the reference document required by financial markets…

Assistance and technical advice – Placing at your disposal expert professionals to support your financial management. Specific accounting and tax advice (group restructuring, analysis of your right to deductible VAT and of your tax liability concerning wages, management of your dividend distributions, accounting translation of complex operations…).

Operational management of tax consolidation – Assistance and advice to implement tax consolidation, training in tax consolidation, follow-up of changes in the tax consolidated group, processing intra-group transactions, preparation of tax consolidation forms, follow-up of the effects of group restructuring, computation of the tax consolidation result and of the deferred tax and assistance to tax audits.