Helping you start up in France

Why call on Scacchi & Associés?
Your Group has decided to start up in France. As a competent and reliable partner, highly skilled in international practices and with a wide knowledge of French complex regulations, Scacchi & Associés will offer you tailor-made services and will meet your accounting and administrative needs in France.
What Scacchi & Associés can do for you
Entrusting a third party with your accounting and administrative tasks


Recording of current operations, filing of supporting documents, matching purchase orders for authorizations for payments, issuing detailed records – each task is performed competently and efficiently. Legal registers are kept up to date.

Our experienced professionals periodically produce your financial statements according to your Group accounting and presentation standards and deadlines.

Cash flow tracking

Entrusting Scacchi & Associés with the monitoring of your payments will guarantee compliance with the purchase and settlements procedures of your Group. Cash flow statements will be sent to you on a regular basis.

Registered head office

You can register your head office at our address and benefit from practical services such as conference rooms and forwarding your mail.

Subcontracting your tax compliance work
Scacchi & Associés manages your tax files and obligations (VAT, business tax, corporate income tax, corporate dividend withholding tax, etc.) and deals with French tax authorities on your behalf. We will obtain the timely refund of deductible VAT linked to your investments in France. You also have the choice to give us a mandate to sign your tax declarations.

Outsourcing payroll and HR administrative management
Scacchi & Associés offers you its experience and its thorough and up-to-date knowledge of legal issues relating to French payroll. Our experts will perform all the related work with complete security and confidentiality: selection of funds (pension, employee benefits, etc), expatriate payroll, implementing labor agreements when employees are hired, estimates of employee costs, pay slips, social declarations, hiring formalities, leaving documents, follow-up of social laws, assistance in case of audit (Social Security, Labor Inspectors), etc.