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Why call on Scacchi & Associés?
Tax consolidation has become a tool of tax optimization widely used by affiliated companies. As it allows offset of the companies’ positive and negative results and neutralization of a number of internal transactions, tax consolidation reduces the group’s total expenses and offers many tax advantages.

However, the daily management of tax consolidation remains complex, due to the deferred taxation involved, and requires first-rate technical skills.

What Scacchi & Associés can do for you
Operational management of tax consolidation – Follow-up of changes in the tax consolidated group, processing of the intra-group transactions, preparation of tax consolidation forms, follow-up of the effects of group restructuring, computation of the tax consolidation result, management of dividend distribution, computation of the deferred tax and coordination with the consolidation process.

Assistance and technical advice – Placing expert professionals at your disposal, accounting and tax advice regarding implementation of tax consolidation and processing of specific transactions, assistance in preparation of tax consolidation agreements and assistance in tax audits.

Compilation and electronic transfer of the yearly tax declarations – Compilation of information based on the data provided, issuing the tax declarations, electronic data transfer.

Information systems – Assistance in the analysis of your needs, proposal of solutions, implementation of the organization adapted to the tax consolidated group.

Training – Assistance / dealing with your teams’ training process.