IAS/IFRS - Scacchi & Associés France (Statutory audit, accounting firm)

Since January 1st, 2005, quoted European groups apply the IFRS standards to their reported accounts. Unquoted European groups may select this option for reasons of business strategy (looking for financial partners, comparing accounts, etc.).
Adopting the IFRS standards has a significant impact on a number of strategic decisions, notably as regards grouping of companies, financial management, indebtedness and compensation policies.
The main conditions for a successful change are anticipation and organization of a project which will result in your first IFRS consolidated Financial Statements, supported by efficient communication.

Even now, Scacchi & Associés can assist your company, and can take care of all the stages of your approach, until your first IFRS financial documents are drawn up.
Why call on Scacchi & Associés?
  Experts ready to focus on your project. Recognized experts in international standards, consolidation, information systems, organization and assistance in change implementation.

  Numerous skills in the industrial, commercial, banking or financial activities.

  In-depth knowledge of functions. The variety of our own professions enables us to thoroughly understand the problems met by your line managers in the various financial fields, and thus to provide them with highly efficient assistance.

  A pragmatic and operational approach adapted to each type of group.

What Scacchi & Associés can do for you
  Diagnosis and simulation - Measure the main impacts of the IFRS standards on your financial statements and define an action plan.

  Supervision and assistance in implementation of the new standards

  Technical advice

  Adaptation of information systems – Assist you in drawing up your requirements and adapting your information system and your reporting procedure.

  Training – assist you in / undertake the training of your teams.