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Why call on Scacchi & Associés?
A successful transaction of external growth, or a successful transaction in general, is based on industrial and economic relevance, on appropriate financial, legal and tax arrangements and on accurate operational management. We can help you at each step of the transaction and contribute to your success by providing the required assurances.
What Scacchi & Associés can do for you

Validate the options selected to set up the transaction

Identify the risks and opportunities linked to the line of business and to the target
Present and assess the information provided by the target
Assess the synergies identified and analyze the business plan
Assess the target
Make the transaction setting-up more secure
Audit or analyze the reference accounts
Carry out the due diligence assignment
Check computation of transaction price
Check whether transaction is feasible from a financial, legal and tax point of view
Review purchase agreement and guarantees
Provide post-transaction assistance to your company

Assist your management in case of application of agreement clauses concerning price adjustment or guarantee of liabilities

Control implementation of business plan and check the management information produced