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Third party asset management
Why call on Scacchi & Associés?

Asset managers are continuously implementing more sophisticated techniques. They discover new opportunities and markets which make up the business of investment supports. On the other hand, they are facing mutual fund regulations increasing in complexity as well as expanding AMF (French SEC) obligations required from all asset management players (activity programs for funds of alternative funds, credit derivatives, pricing of structured derivatives, etc.).

You wish to strengthen the quality of your external audit and to lean on statutory auditors highly involved in the legal and statutory developments of third party asset management. You wish your auditor to be able to adapt his audit approach to the characteristics of investment funds, i.e. to the general profile of the risks involved, to their management environment and to the related strategic and tactical allocation of assets.

You require from your partner to be available, communicative, experienced in financial markets, management practices and techniques, and presenting a significant number of asset manager references.
What Scacchi & Associés can do for you
We handle a large range of mutual funds (brady bonds, sector-based funds, corporate bonds, ethic investments, long/short equity, synthetic funds, future funds, arbitrage of convertible bonds, formula funds, contractual funds, funds of alternative funds, monetary plus funds, credit funds..) and have a well-known experience in information provided to third parties, in regulatory and statutory ratios and in management practices and techniques. As a result, our opinion is often required on a number of technical problems such as prime brokerage, pricing of credit derivatives, pricing process regarding credit spreads, and optimized control of the ratio applied to « non quoted securities on organized markets ».

Our objective is to take an active part in your company’s expansion and to provide you with actual added value.

Highly motivated and devoted to asset management, our teams have advanced references and audit techniques. Their audit approach is adapted to the profile of the risks involved by investment funds, and to the procedures (1) of internal audit applied by the accountant, the asset manager, the risk manager and the compliance officer.

As a privileged partner of many first-rate management companies, our signature is well-known in the asset management business. We have a wide overview and a large experience which represent significant sources of value-added exchanges.

(1) reviewed on a regular time basis according to the number of mutual funds mandates for the same asset manager company.