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Reporting - Scacchi & Associés France (Statutory audit, accounting firm)

  Why call on the Goupe Scacchi & Associés?
  Your group, whose parent company is of foreign nationality, intends to set up (or has already set up) a subsidiary in France, and wants to maintain complete and secured control over the development of the latter. Furthermore, your group wishes to focus on its core business and to handle the subsidiary's growth mainly with technical and commercial employees. Thus, there are no in-house skills to provide the group with the management data required to manage its French subsidiary in real time.

Which solution? Call on Scacchi & Associés which will take care of your company's accounting and produce regular financial data in compliance with your management's requirements.

When - or after - starting your activity in France, in order to meet your group's requirements as regards financial and economic information on your subsidiary,
When your management statements must comply with your parent company's requirements, in their contents (standards and accounting principles) and in their form (presentation requirements),
As soon as you require financial data at regular intervals (pre-defined deadlines), in order to react rapidly and to adapt your strategy to the business environment.

  What Scacchi & Associés can do for you
  Our assignment proposal will define our contractual relations, and notably the allocation of commitments between your company and ours. A dedicated team of Scacchi & Associés, supervised by a manager, chartered accountant, will carry out the contractual tasks required.

Start-up phase: we will define together the accounting structures that will optimize the reporting process: compliance with the chart of accounts, definition of statements required between corporate accounts and group accounts, definition of reporting parameters, approval of adjusting entries according to your group's accounting policies.

Our team will draw up a procedure of administrative and accounting organization that will detail the data processing method applied for each type of work and the exact involvement of each person concerned. The " rules of the game " will be then clearly defined and applicable by everyone, in everyone's interest.

Recurrent phase: in accordance with your deadlines, we will produce the monthly reporting packages adapted to your management requirements, together with appropriate comments when needed/required.