Accounting assistance - Scacchi & Associés France (Statutory audit, accounting firm)

Why call on Scacchi & Associés?

The objective of a company's financial and accounting department is to produce reliable and relevant information on a timely basis. It is structured with a view to always carrying out this task. But exceptional circumstances cannot always be foreseen: an absent employee, substantial work overload, a particularly complex operation which cannot be handled in-house:
Replacement of the financial manager, chief accountant, budgetary controller, of the person in charge of reporting to the group, or of an employee within the financial and accounting management.
Above-listed persons made unavailable for their daily work due to assignment to any specific task/project.
Temporary work overload linked to closing of annual or consolidated accounts, notably in case of limited manning levels or shortened production deadlines.
Corporate restructuring or legal transaction concerning your company, that require specific technical skills.
Answers to your statutory auditors' requirements as regards account analysis, updated bank reconciliation,...
The above-listed events often lead to significant delays, and even accumulated errors as regards recording and analysis of accounting transactions.
What Scacchi & Associés can do for you
A manager, chartered accountant of Scacchi & Associés, or an experienced consultant, comes to your office, gets to know your requirements, the assignment context, and draws up a list of all the tasks to be carried out. He is the person charged with selecting professionals according to their experience and their knowledge of your industry sector. He will recommend an action plan formalized through a detailed assignment proposal and also determine the levels of reciprocal responsibility. This manager is your personal contact, in charge of managing the assignment under the supervision of a partner of Scacchi & Associés.
In order to perform the work entrusted to them, one or more professionals of our " Secondment " department will supervise or integrate your teams. They are competent and motivated, immediately operational and totally dedicated to their assignment. They have the technological and methodological support of our firm, and they rapidly assimilate your corporate culture to transmit their know-how more easily. Whatever the duration and complexity of their work, you can rely on their professionalism.
When performing the assignment, a follow-up procedure is implemented. It may include reports drawn-up at regular intervals. If required by your company, an end of assignment report will describe the whole work performed. When necessary, it includes an analysis of the current organization and recommends constructive improvements.